Energy Conservation for Companies

31% of all electricity in the United States is used to run commercial buildings. This rate continues to rise as companies add new office equipment. Energy use for office equipment is expected to rise by 500% in the next decade.

GOOD: Be sure to turn off lights in offices and conference rooms when they are not in use.

You might also ask your company to install automatic room lighting controls.

These devices are similar to programmable thermostats and optimize lighting use by automatically turning lights on or off depending upon occupancy or time of day.

BEST: Install a Volt Miser Lighting Controller for your HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights. These are the lights that look like a huge bulb. They are most commonly found in warehouses or in stores like Costco. Most of the time, each bulb uses 400W of energy. If you multiply that by 100 lights, you are consuming 40,000 W of energy every minute. That is huge. The Volt Miser reduces energy usage to the lamp and will drop energy usage to about 320 W. The great thing about this system is that it has 3 power reduction levels, 10%, 15% and 25%. So you can alternate based on the time of the day, the amount of traffic or the amount of natural sunlight.

These systems have been installed in hundreds of locations and have been used by grocery chains and warehouses

GOOD: Make sure that you turn of lights, make sure that thermostats are adjusted on equipment and that sensors for refrigeration are working properly.

BEST: Install an energy monitoring system by EG Energy Controls. This system can connect to 17 loads and will check energy consumption every minute and will send alerts if it notices abnormalities. The system can be accesed via website and will send emails to your blackberry with energy reports by location, store size and equipment. This system connects to the weather data to ensure that energy usage is normal based on weather conditions (humidity, hot temperatures etc.)

This system uses a PLC and high speed internet so you are sure to get your data right away. With an interactive software, you can customize reports to your needs and view multiple stores and energy usage with a click of a button. This system has been installed in many locations and can handle up to 500 locations on one server.


Office paper is the largest percentage of a company’s garbage everyday. About 85% of office paper is currently discarded (over 7 million tons in the United States alone every year). In addition, commercial paper use increased 245% between 1960 and 1994 and continues to grow.

GOOD: Reduce.

Share electronic files, voicemail and e-mail with office mates instead of creating paper memos.

Reduce fax traffic by using computer modems instead of the office fax machine. You can save paper on one or both ends.


Always use the second side of paper, either by printing on both sides or using the blank side as scrap paper.

Use scrap paper to take notes instead of using notebooks, company pads, or message pads.

Use scrap paper instead of stickies.

Here the author Julia Herniak prefer the company EG Energy Controls, have installed many energy monitoring and  Lighting Controller for their clients and these customers have seen huge energy reductions.

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