Energy Conservation is Not Just for Tree Huggers

Energy conservation used to be the talk of tree huggers and environmentalists. Companies thought that they will just negotiate with the power company for a cheaper energy price and that is all they need to do to reduce their energy cost.  However, as energy prices continue to rise and the stability of fossil fuels is becoming shaky, even CEO’s and President realize the need for energy conservation. What is energy conservation? Basically its like making the perfect martini. Just the right amount of gin and vermouth and a dash of olive juice.

The principle is to use only the energy you need for the operation of a company and to reduce wastage. Just like a martini can be ruined with too much gin, a company becomes wasteful when it doesn’t use its energy properly. Most companies see their power bill and think “that’s just part of doing business. I need a store, lights and equipment. There is no way I could be in business without paying for my power bill.” That is true, however there are many companies that do not know how much electricity, oil, gas or propane they waste every day because of simple inefficiencies. For example, not shutting half the lights off at night. Having heaters and air conditioners operating at the same time.

Leaving stock room doors open when it’s freezing outside. However, many VP’s and CEO’s complain that there is no one to watch for all these inefficiencies. Yet with the rise in technology, there are ways for companies to do energy conservation without having to increase their work force. The system is called “energy monitoring system” and it will monitor 17 or more points in a company and will tell Managers where their energy is being used. So instead of getting a power bill and just blindly paying for it, you now have the capacity to change your bill. Wow, imagine the power you have that you can change the amount of you pay for your energy bill.

One company called EG Energy Controls can provide an energy monitoring system that will show you which equipment is using the most energy, which departments are the most energy conscious and how much emissions you are reducing with your energy saving practices. Energy conservation is actually the simplest way to reduce energy costs because it has minimal capital costs and it has a big payback. A lot of times companies rely on getting cheaper energy to reduce their energy costs, however that is delaying the inevitable. The reality is that energy costs will continue to rise and the companies that have already invested in energy conservation methods will be the ones reaping the rewards. The ones that were slow, they will not have the time to rebound and they will go bankrupt.

That reality is not a pretty one, but times are changing and our dependence on cheap energy will not last. If you are interested in getting advice on how to reduce your energy costs, find a reputable company that has a good track record. They will help you reduce your energy costs and provide you with systems that have an excellent payback.

Here the author Julia Herniak writes about the Energy Conservation is Not Just for Tree Huggers. For more information on energy monitoring, visit

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